Welcome to my little corner of the internets, folks! I am a professional chef trying to get it together to get a place of my own and plan to take you all with me on the journey. Should be a pretty yummy trip of recipes from all over the place…you get to come play around in my kitchen with me while I cook, bake & experiment.

I cook a lot with beer and use seasonal ingredients, from scratch or damn close to it. Good food doesn’t have to be hard or take hours to put together. There will be some of what I call “cooking projects” because I love low & slow cookery, but they will be peppered with the kind of food that I cook at home for those near & dear to me on a daily, ok maybe more like a couple times a weekly, basis.

I am also an avid baker. Actually it may be more than avid. Some may say I have a baking problem. I’ll be sharing those experiments, too. Baking makes me happy. I hope my baking makes you happy, too.

You also will get to join me on my adventures into food photography because I can’t very well post recipes with no pictures. I can’t guarantee they are going to be pieces of art as I get started, but practice will make perfect…I hope.

I won’t promise not to ramble a bit, especially when its about food. Or things relating to food. But it won’t be boring. And we will eat well along the way!

Check out The Pantry & The Hardware pages to take a more literal glimpse into the workings of my kitchen.

Tomorrow will start a recipe post. Tequila lime marinated chicken soft tacos with homemade flour tortillas. I think its as good a place to start as any.

Welcome to my kitchen!