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I actually did 2 cakes this last weekend. The first I did not get one picture of, though. I finished it up later Thursday night for a Friday morning drop off and meant to get pics of it before I dropped it, when it was daylight and the light was better, but I remembered Friday morning that I forgot to go get the cake box on Thursday night so I had to run to the store to grab some boxes, they of course didn’t have the size I needed, so I figured out what would work, made it work then dropped off the cake….all without ever getting one photo of it. I. Am. Awesome.

The alleged cake was a 6″ dairy-free devils food 10-year anniversary cake {CONGRATS JEN & BRIAN!!}  decorated to match the top tier of their wedding cake in white, lavender & silver. It may have been filled with a homemade strawberry Grand Marnier jam and iced with a butter-less buttercream. It could have been decorated with white & lavender flowers and a silver dust…but you’ll never know because I didn’t get any pictures of it. Even if it did actually exist and was delivered Friday morning looking just as I described it. I am really annoyed I didn’t get any pics in case you couldn’t tell.

The cake I did for Saturday though? That cake was all sorts of awesome and I DID GET PICS…well of the cake anyway, forgot to get any of the cupcakes. Melinda found me through the Twitters – we had a mutual friend – Michelle – that passed along my contact info while Melinda was on the hunt for an Angry Birds cake for her son’s 4th birthday party. Melinda had done her Pinterest Homework and had visited a couple of bakeries looking to have her cake made but was having little luck. So not only does she have the very best name ever (I’m a Melinda, too!) but I dig her taste in cakes. We worked out the details and I was happy to drop off at the birthday party this!

This is an Instagram photo Melinda took from the party. It is the only evidence I have of the cupcakes. They were half vanilla, half chocolate and each iced to be an angry bird sitting on some grass. They were cute & matched the cake perfectly.

Now the cake! Lets start with the top. Sculpted Angry Birds hand decorated with rolled fondant. I am usually very anti-fondant, it tastes like ass, but in this case it was necessary for them to look right. The inside of each is devils food cake pop mixture hand shaped. These took a whole day to get done, but it was like play-doh funtimes!! I made my own fondant and blended my own fondant colors.

The finished cake was a 4 layer vanilla cake iced with buttercream. The sculpted birds were the cake topper and the happy 4th birthday greeting was piped along the side of the main cake. Everything on this cake was edible.

I did up a couple eggs just for decoration. The birthday boy seemed pleased with is cake, as was mom, and I was thrilled to get to play a part in a great birthday!!

On deck I am looking and a GIRLS cake – Barbie all over the place and a wedding-style cake for a birthday party that is going to be GORGEOUS but won’t say much else about until you see it but I am wicked excited to build & decorate it. I am digging the cake decorating.

On the menu next ~ Bacon Mac & Cheese. Yes. Bacon. In homemade mac & cheese. So good. That will be up in the next couple days.



If interested in custom cake & dessert work please feel free to contact Mindy through the site at mindybakespgh@gmail.com and include pictures when possible.